A loving welcome.....
   Welcome to the website of Mountain Serenity Retreat, (formerly the East River Meditation Healing  Centre) in Wentworth, Nova Scotia, a sanctuary for all those looking for a place to heal, balance and find their true selves. With professional healers, counsellors, yoga teachers and course tutors, the Centre is here to help you move forward in your life to finding greater peace, health and happiness, whatever your situation or beliefs. 
   We extend a warm and loving welcome to come and experience the tranquil and uplifting atmosphere; to discover how Pure Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Counselling can change your life for the better; and what a difference coming on a Spiritual Retreat or your own Personal Retreat can make to how you feel. 
   The Centre teaches various unique, depth courses and workshops, including  Pure Meditation and we lovingly invite you to join us in our Meditations every Sunday at 7pm (please call ahead). 
   With every blessing to you....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tel: 902 755-4325

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