Pure Spiritual Healing


   PURE SPIRITUAL HEALING is the Divine Science and Art of Balance - the original form of healing that has no limits to what it can achieve. It is gentle and non-invasive, but very powerful. It works on the root cause of any problem to restore balance and strength to every part of you, including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It helps to restore  equilibrium to the mind and emotions and gives a wonderful boost to the body's immune system. All that is really needed is an open mind and a willingness to try it for it to be very effective.

  Receiving Pure Spiritual Healing is a very pleasant experience and deeply relaxing. Our professional  healers are trained to make a connection with the highest Divine Healing Power, working with pure love so that the healing energy flows through the healer into you.
What can healing help with?
  The healing energy can achieve anything and will always work for your highest good. Healing will help if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, rushed or anxious, and if you feel depressed or have panic attacks. Many people have found relief from conditions that traditional medicine finds difficult to treat, such as grief, trauma, addictions, fybromyalgia, M.S., arthritis and cancer. 
It also helps with -

- relationship problems
- blood pressure
- chronic pain or weakness
- diabetes
- back and neck problems....and more

   It is not uncommon for people to find that receiving regular healing helps them release or dissolve deeply buried negative feelings or experiences that have been holding them back from fully enjoying life; and change habitual negative behaviour and unhelpful thought patterns into positive, productive ones - all safely and with no side effects. 

   Pure Spiritual Healing is a totally safe and natural treatment and is complete in its own right. However, many people combine it with treatment from their physician or health advisor and find that the side effects from medically prescribed drugs are reduced and that they heal faster and more completely from operations and surgery. 

   The Centre's healers are also highly trained and qualified to teach proven, effective techniques to use on a daily basis that will empower you to make a positive difference to the way you can feel and how you see and deal with challenging situations.

Please note that appointments are now covered by many health plans.  

Intuitive Counselling      

     When seeking help for any problem or difficulty from counselling, a person needs to feel they are heard, understood, loved unconditionally and accepted for who they are, without judgement or criticism. Only then will they feel truly 'safe' in being helped to look more deeply at their situation and the role they can play in helping themselves. The Centre's professional counsellors understand these needs and use their skills, attunement, love and intuition to help them safely achieve this.

   When a person is helped in this way they naturally become more able to love, accept and understand themselves and others more deeply - 'opening the door' to their intuition and letting go of any negative thoughts or feelings that may have been holding them back or contributed to their situation in the first place.
This is very important as it these qualities that are the key to a happy and healthy life.

   When faced with illness, dis-ease, relationship difficulties or any pressing issue, it is easy to react and become fearful, stressed, worried, frustrated or confused. These understandable, yet negative emotions will, if not addressed in a positive way, make the situation worse. They can deplete the mind and body of vital energy, compromising the immune system and leaving it open to infection and disease.

  Intuitive Counselling helps a person to look at and deal with their challenges differently; it helps them to be more positive and hopeful, so that negative emotions can be changed or avoided, thus empowering them to deal with their situation more effectively.

  Whilst receiving Intuitive Counselling, a person can come to a deeper realization that their illness or difficulty has something positive to teach them about themselves and their purpose in life - something they can find empowering, enlightening and joyful. When this happens, they are able to let go of fear and uncertainty and become filled with greater respect for themselves and all of life.

Intuitive Counselling uses a totally wholistic approach, addressing the whole person - body, mind and spirit. It helps a person to strengthen, balance and harmonize their energies, helping them in the here and now and to go forward in a more sustainable way. It is non-invasive, respectful and loving.

   Please note that appointments are now covered by Blue Cross and some other Health Plans



Personal Energy Care & Well-Being

an on-line course to teach you Resilience

and how to avoid Stress, Anxiety, Exhaustion


2 X ZOOM sessions: March 13 9am - 12pm

& March 20 9am - 12pm



This fascinating and informative Course is for anyone who knows they could be taking better care of themselves yet don't find it easy to always get it right in today's chaotic and stressful world.


Though advanced and unique, this Energy Care Course is easy to follow and assimilate and will help you to build upon your existing skills, showing you how to avoid exhaustion, frustration, stress, feeling overwhelmed etc. ~ and replace these with resilience, and feelings of peace, calm, fulfillment, balance and vibrancy.


Cutting edge Tools and Techniques as well as practical suggestions are also taught to help change negative emotions; to be much more in charge of how you feel - all of the time! and achieve a healthy balance between work and home life!


pre-Registration required by March 6th Fee: $125

Facilitated by certified Energy Care professionals with 25 years' experience, from

Mountain Serenity Retreat Wentworth Cumberland Co. Nova Scotia

902 755 Heal/4325 email:


New! Hatha Yoga classes suitable for all abilities - Fun and enjoyable at Wentworth Recreation Centre

5 Tuesday's starting March 16,  10-11am

$60. Pre-registration required










4 weeks


Learn Mindfulness and its many benefits on this easy and interactive 4 week program with Tools and Techniques

that really work to improve your



effectively manage Stress

be free from Anxiety

overcome Depression

stop Worrying



gain a Quiet Mind

more energy

feel Happier


Thursdays 6-8pm October 17-November 7

Alexandria has been teaching Mindfulness for 24 years

Fee $180 registration prior to start date









- individual appointments & Group Workshops

~helping caring professionals to successfully reduce/avoid stress & anxiety

~achieve greater balance

~keep energised and protect yourself from negativity

~learn effective tools and techniques

~become more in charge of how you feel



We lovingly invite you to reach out to us if you are in need of help in any way, with the truly holistic therapies we offer ~ let us know what your concerns are and we can suggest a unique programme just for you.

In Light and Love and every blessing 

Mark & Alexandria




2021 Course Program


13 and 20 9am-12 noon ENERGY CARE and WELL-BEING via Zoom (2 wks) ~ a course for carers, teachers, plus all who wish to learn how to better balance their energy




4 SATSANGA at 10.30am with Easter Message and Meditation

18 Pure MEDITATIVE PEACE with Mindfulness training 10-12 noon

25-26 YOGA and Mindfulness MEDITATION RETREAT for all abilities



15-16 TRANQUILITY RETREAT – yoga and deep healing

22 ENERGY CARE and WELL-BEING 9.30-4.30pm (1 hr Lunch Break)

~ a course for carers, teachers, and all who wish for balance



12-13 SPRING RENEWAL RETREAT - yoga and relaxation techniques

19-20 YOGA and Mindfulness MEDITATION RETREAT ~for all abilities



10-11 SUMMER SERENITY RETREAT – yoga and deep healing

17 Pure MEDITATIVE PEACE with Mindfulness training 9.30-1130am



7-8 SUMMER RENEWAL RETREAT – yoga and relaxation techniques

21-22 YOGA and Mindfulness MEDITATION RETREAT ~for all abilities



18-19 RESILIENCE and SELF-EMPOWERMENT RETREAT strengthening mind & emotions

22 YOGA Classes Wednesdays @ 9.30am and 5.30pm : 10 weeks




- on how to stay balanced in today's fast-changing world

16-17 YOGA and Mindfulness MEDITATION RETREAT ~for all abilities



6-7 DIGITAL DETOX RETREAT calm your mind with a break from technology -

- includes a class on Energy Care to achieve and maintain balance

28 CHRISTMAS RENEWAL RETREAT 1 day 10-5pm ~ intro to Power of Silence



25 SATSANGA at 10.30am with Christmas Message and Meditation


Personal Retreats arranged throughout the Year to suit your schedule including special Retreats for Self-EMPOWERMENT, Self-HELP, RESILIENCE and INTRODUCTION to SILENCE


Appointments available in

Pure Spiritual Healing Intuitive Counselling and Coaching Mindfulness Coaching

Pure Meditative Peace ~ beginner Meditation Work~Life Balance/Energy Care& Well Being

Progressive Relaxation thru Breath work, Stretching and Visualizations SevaLight Yoga

for Individuals Couples Children Teens Families Business Partnerships

Accreditation with Blue Cross



~please call ahead to join us ~ all are lovingly welcome ~



In the event of cancellation of courses & retreats:

-Two weeks notice or more, we can return all fees, less 15% administration fee.

-Three days to two weeks notice, we can return the accommodation & meals fee only, less 15% administration fee.

-Refunds are not given if cancellation is less than 72 hours before the commencement of a course, retreat or B&B unless due to COVID


we have protocols for health and safety in place re COVID so please check with us as Govt guidelines may change and affect our Programmes





in scenic Wentworth Valley


902-755 HEAL/4325 - we are not about profit



Appointments available in MODERN HEALING and COUNSELLING THERAPIES for Individuals; Couples: Children; Families; Business Partnerships ~

Pure Spiritual Healing, Intuitive Counselling, 

Yoga Therapy, Profound Relaxation, Work~Life Balance


MINDFULNESS PROGRAMME Individual 4-6 weeks

or MINDFULNESS COURSE ~ Group 6-8 weeks


Accreditation with Blue Cross


Ask us about booking your own Personal/Family/Corporate Retreat


Please join us for MEDITATION EVENINGS

THURSDAY 8pm Pictou County : SUNDAYS 7pm Wentworth

~please call ahead to join us ~ all are lovingly welcome ~

902-755 HEAL/4325 e-mail: 

~we can customize any topic of your choice~

CORPORATE RETREATS at Mountain Serenity Retreat, Wentworth

(accommodation for 10 )

Accommodation only options also available

- we are not about profit -


*MEDITATION evenings - Sundays 7pm 
Please let us know in advance if you would like to join us ~ all are warmly welcome

Also available:

Anger Therapy; Sleep Issues; Anxiety and Stress; Depression; Chronic Pain;

Work~Life Balance; Leadership Skills; Team Building

Accreditation for most Health Care Plans 



Pure Meditative Peace with Mindfulness

 1-2 hours $105 (incl. recommended reading)

group rate min 6 per person $65


Pure Spiritual Healing

~ Pure Depth Healing

1st appointment $75

subsequent appointments $50

Children $30

Animals $30


Intuitive Counselling

1st appointment $80

subsequent appointments $60

Couples 1st $95 subsequent $80

Children $30


Yoga Therapy 1 hour $60

Yoga Classes 10 weeks $120

Retreats from $75 for 1 day

~ direct billing to Health Care Providers under Naturopathy available

Mark and Alexandria established Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre in 1995 on the Sunshine Coast, B.C. with healing practices in Vancouver and Powell River, where they worked with medical doctors, mental health and other health practitioners. They are professional Healers, Intuitive Counsellors, SevaLight Hatha Yoga and Pure Meditative Peace teachers with 50 years combined experience; they are disciples of Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma, founder of the SevaLight Retreat Centres for Pure Meditation, Healing and Counselling worldwide and have trained under her loving guidance for over 25 years. 

Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji is a true Guru, a Self-Realized Master whose God given mission and role is to draw souls closer to the Light. She is here on earth to help all who ask to find peace, unconditional love, wisdom and joy, and discover their soul`s purpose in this lifetime.
   Through Pure Meditation Mata Yoganandaji gives us all the knowledge, tools and techniques to successfully navigate the often turbulent waters of everyday living and help deliver us to a tranquil harbour of bliss.
   To find out more of how Mata Yoganandaji`s unconditional love and great wisdom can help you, please contact us or visit

Books and C.D.'s available by Mataji


   Self Realization Through Pure Meditation

  The Truth Eternal

  Visualizations For You (Book and C.D)


   Perfect Thoughts (Song Chants)

   Exercise Mobility and Winged Prayer

Altars of Peace and Love